The William & Judith Bollinger Gallery

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Iv’e gone to see this exhibition quite a few times, simply because it leaves me speechless every time with over 3,000 jewels in room 91 at the V&A Museum.

From a great gold Celtic breastplate to medieval love rings and pendants given by Elizabeth I to her courtiers. From enamelled watches to diamond tiaras and jewellery in paper, acrylic and titanium.  From jewels by Cartier to animals by Fabergé and jewellery by an international selection of contemporary makers.

The gallery itself explores the depth of jewellery and how is has not only influenced fashion but become the centre of it too. Reading the history behind every jewel or selection of jewels from a particular era is simply mind-blowing. The way in which it has also changed over time is fascinating. If you haven’t gone to see this gallery yet, it is a must!


Another Fashion Exhibition

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This fashion exhibition took place at The London College of Fashion in the Oxford Street campus. Theres not one piece I looked at and thought what on earth, if anything I fell in love – and this is why fashion is what it is.

Alexander McQueen At London

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Although this isn’t the most recent of my trips to Old bond street, it still remains one of my favourite window displays by Alexander McQueen. Not only is old bond street a lovely place to be due to its atmosphere, being filled with high end fashion labels and lovers of fashion, but the buildings too are an inspiration in their own right.

Luckily enough for me I was also able to stop by at the Ritz. My day all in all was perfect – this is exactly why I love London, I mean what isn’t there to love? Excluding the weather of course! And here they are, the amazing pieces and window display of Alexander McQueen at the store in Old Bond Street, London.

Movement Inspiration

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I came across three images, just by chance as I was researching material for an upcoming photoshoot. I couldn’t help but feel inspired by all three. They are completely different images, from different people, yet they represent movement but once again in a very different way. This difference is what caught my eye, and why I love photography as well as the creative industry so much. We are able to create or recreate anything, that alone drives me in a positive and creative direction far more.

Talking Dreams Photoshoot

July 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

An amazing shoot I did with a real-life octopus and a fabulous team. Heres a few images. To see all of the images go to my website by clicking HERE

W Magazine Inspiration

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I know this was an editorial all the way back in march for W magazine, but this truly inspired me a lot at the time, and it still continues to. Not only is Tim walker a genius at what he does but you just can’t help but fall in love with this. Infact the whole of the march issue was filled with creative inspiration. But of course you can’t talk about the issue without mentioning Kate moss in Good Kate bad Kate which was simply mesmerizing! Over the next few weeks I shall continue looking through my fashion magazine collection (this may take a while so please do bare with me) and begin to post the editorials that truly inspire me even until this day, along with those which are much more recent.

London College Of Fashion Show (BA)

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One of the fashion shows I worked on a few months ago. The thing I love most about working on fashion shows, fashion week or anything like them is the sheer panic thats always present amongst everybody, yet everything turns out fine, if not better than imaged. These are just a few images of what was showcased – nothing but pure talent by all of the designers! Please take note of the picture taken of the sheer top, amazing much? I have nothing but good words to say about the whole of this fashion show.

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