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A few weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity, with a great team to work on a project for SHOWStudio in collaboration with Giles Deacon’s original garment design. This particular garment design was re-created by the lovely photographer and print designer Paula Maso and designer Neliana Fuenmayor. They came up with the most angelic, feminine and pretty much perfect garment. I’m pretty certain that any lady would jump at the opportunity of buying it; it just oozed enchantment and has such a fairly tale like feel to it. We had a lovely tall red head model who was perfect for this garment. Her pale skin and bleached eye brows were simply the perfect match to compliment our chosen look.

You can also check out Paula Maso’s blog where she too speaks about the garments print if you’d like to know a little more on the design part of things – http://www.terriblynice.es/aether-my-latest-venture/

Anyhow, enough of me rambling on about my sheer love for this amazing dress. Below are the final images. I hope you like them as much as the amazing team and I do!

layout_4_ÆTHERlayout_2_ÆTHER layout_1_ÆTHER layout_3_ÆTHERModel: Rebecca Grant // Photographer & Bespoke Print Design: Paula Maso
Realization & Interpretation: Neliana Fuenmayor // Make Up & Hair: Amrit Preet


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