Art Vs Fashion

October 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Goodmorning, lovelies! I hope the new week is treating you all well. I know we have some horrid weather in the UK at the minute, but i’m sure we are all keeping positive despite it trying to bring us down. With that said, I thought i’d upload a colourful post. I recently went to an independent artists exhibition in Carnaby Street, which was set up in an open-space pop up store. The great thing I loved about these artists was the way in which they merged the artistic avenue between art and fashion. Not only that, but they also reiterated their creativeness within the layout of their store, and the way in which everything was placed out in terms of their work. What they projected overall oozed a well throughout exhibition with an element of fun, which had a clear signature of there work throughout, which is always important for an artist. Below are some images of what was showcased in their space.

551306437432633286_27300952-amrit_preet 551308812960589790_27300952-amrit_preet 552309990582314032_27300952-amrit_preet 551339814353298909_27300952-amrit_preet

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