Vous Voir Bientôt, Paris.

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been a hectic few months, and I know I apologise continuously on my blog where lack of blogging is concerned, but it really has been a non-stop few months. I recently found myself on a new journey, one which I am loving at the minute, and feeling extremely grateful about/for. I also found myself (last week) spending my weekend away in Paris. Which I am sure some of you already are aware of if you follow my photography blog, twitter or instagram. Whilst there, I learnt a great deal. Infact, every time I go their my eyes are opened to so much more each time. It really does feel like home for me whenever I visit. The culture, the art, the place in general always leaves me inspired, not only in my creative field but personally, also. Aside from clearly loving paris (a little too much), and getting my work hat on I was also  making the most of opportunities that I was lucky enough to  be apart of whilst out there. Unfortunately I am not able to say much about it right now, but keep your eyes peeled in cosmopolitan magazine in the new year as you’ll be seeing a feature on me, which I am extremely exctied to share with you all, real soon!


If you know me, you know I LOVE art, and when in Paris my first stop is always the Louvre. I was lucky enough to see Robert Wilson’s ‘Living Rooms’ exhibition which also featured Lady Gaga. I have never been touched by a piece of art in the way in which this particular one did. I felt an overwhelming amount of emotion pierce through my body as I watched the performance art piece that played infront of me. When she blinked and shed a tear I felt pain, but the peacefulness amongst the piece also, it was as though I was witnessing a re-birth. The aura in the room itself was very surreal. Again, a piece that really touched me. If you are by any chance off to Paris, it is definitely something you should go and see. Also try and sit in one of the lectures, they are very eye-opening and inspiring, indeed.


I hope you too have all been having a lovely start to your December. Christmas is fast approaching and festive cheer is out in full force, which is lovely. Theres a general joy amongst people, which is a great thing to see, so with that said,  I hope you are all having a great month so far.

Below are a few snaps I took whilst in Paris. I think it is fair to say I cannot wait to be back there, but until then, Vous Voir Bientôt Paris, and hello London.

paris14 Paris7 7 Paris9paris12

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