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June 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

Seeing as London is blessed with another beautiful day today, I thought uploading this shoot was more than appropriate. A while ago I worked on a shoot with Photographer Iris Bjork for Kaltblut Magazine, which only just got published a few months ago, in their largest issue yet. The shoot itself was great to work on, the hair and makeup had a tribal feel to it, as did the styling, and of corse the photography style brought it all together nicely. The tones of this shoot made it one of my favourite set of images in my portfolio – There’s nothing I love more than natural light photography!

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Newton Magazine

June 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

One of my favourite published shoots i’ve worked on has to be one which came out a few weeks ago in Newton Magazine. We shot this shoot in London, which probably does look as though it was when looking at the images! It is however amazing what places you can find around London if you just look hard enough. I guess this is why I loved this shoot so much, we really pushed boundaries, and created something super creative which wants the viewer to know more, or at least thats how I felt when looking at the images for the first time. The photographer, Anabel, who I worked with on this shoot favours a film camera and her photography style can only be described as beautiful! Another plus with this shoot was that I got to work with designer Elley again, and her clothing. Elley and this shoot were both featured in Newton magazine, which A$AP rocky also featured in – Not bad for a first issue, at all!

Check out the images below, and grab yourself a copy of the magazine HERE if you’d like to see more!


March 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity, with a great team to work on a project for SHOWStudio in collaboration with Giles Deacon’s original garment design. This particular garment design was re-created by the lovely photographer and print designer Paula Maso and designer Neliana Fuenmayor. They came up with the most angelic, feminine and pretty much perfect garment. I’m pretty certain that any lady would jump at the opportunity of buying it; it just oozed enchantment and has such a fairly tale like feel to it. We had a lovely tall red head model who was perfect for this garment. Her pale skin and bleached eye brows were simply the perfect match to compliment our chosen look.

You can also check out Paula Maso’s blog where she too speaks about the garments print if you’d like to know a little more on the design part of things –

Anyhow, enough of me rambling on about my sheer love for this amazing dress. Below are the final images. I hope you like them as much as the amazing team and I do!

layout_4_ÆTHERlayout_2_ÆTHER layout_1_ÆTHER layout_3_ÆTHERModel: Rebecca Grant // Photographer & Bespoke Print Design: Paula Maso
Realization & Interpretation: Neliana Fuenmayor // Make Up & Hair: Amrit Preet


Lingerie Photoshoot

March 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Was so excited to receive these images today, as this shoot was super fun and relaxed to work on. More importantly the team of people I was working alongside were a joy. As the title of this post would suggest, this particular shoot was a lingerie shoot, a type of shoot which I haven’t yet put in my portfolio, this shoot however definitely Is one to place in my portfolio. I love the way in which everything works so great together to compliment the style of photography!

Agency: Elite Model Management // Model: Shani // Photographer Jakub Koziel // Stylist: Elle Baron // Make Up & Hair: Amrit Preet


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LFW – Ekaterina Kukhareva A/W 2013

February 21, 2013 § 9 Comments

I’m slowly uploading all the material I gathered whilst covering London Fashion Week with POINT 01, so please do bare with me. Juggling uni work as well as my professional work is leaving me majorly sleep deprived. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love my job!

This post is about the Ekaterina Kukhareva A/W 2013 show. The clothing it self oozed warmth and interactive tones. They were definitely garments that allowed more than a fasionista to wear them. I could most definitely see more than a few garments which would be perfect for an evening event. Not only were the garments in a league of their own, but also the hair and makeup was. Taking a modern twist on 50’s makeup as well as hair with the use of rollers, the hair was elaborate, bold, and was most defiantly in theme with the garments and the overall look the designer had, i’m sure, envisioned.

Below are a few snaps I took from the show:

856361_157095714444908_1083248678_o 857950_157096347778178_886382631_o 858377_157095867778226_1874993433_o 859164_157095964444883_1781408977_o 859530_157095824444897_1254768879_o


Another Day In The Studio!

February 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I was shooting with three lovely models, and an amazing photographer that I work with frequently, Iris Bjork. The final images should be uploaded next week, so until then keep your eyes open for the post – I’m super excited!

Below: Myself with the stunning Emma from Elite, and Siobhan from Premier.

Photo 01-02-2013 12 16 52Photo 01-02-2013 19 19 05

Below is the lovely photographer, Iris. You should go to & check out her posts too. You’ll find all you need to know about her on there, and I hope too you like her photography style as much as i do!

Photo 01-02-2013 19 19 47


Illamasqua: Q Generation Model

August 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

A few month ago I was extremely lucky enough to work alongside the amazing creative that is Alex box. Illamasqua was looking for real models, and to my surprise I was picked to be apart of their latest campaign, Q generation. Working with the team at Illamasqua and Alex box herself was the most unreal experience, but on which I won’t forget, ever.

Illamasqua also interviewed me alongside the photoshoot which gives you an insight on a little more about me, my relationship with makeup and the day of the photoshoot itself:

1.Tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from, age, story.

My names Amrit, I’m 21 and I moved to London a few years ago to study at the London College of Fashion to pursue a career in the fashion industry in styling, hair and make-up.

2. What is your personal relationship with make-up?

Although I now study make-up, I haven’t always wanted to study it, but I’ve always had a relationship with it. From an early age I always used to see my mum gets ready for work as she sat at her dressing table applying her make-up. As I used to come back from school and mum was still at work I used to make the most of such an opportunity and apply her make-up to myself. If truth be told I still look at my mum in the same way, time may have changed and she may have gotten older but by no means has her beauty declined – she’s more gorgeous than ever. As I’ve grown up I’ve also acquired some scarring to my face so make-up for me is hope, confidence, memories, and most importantly inspiration to achieve whatever I may want to.

3. What were your initial reactions to finding out you’d be chosen from thousands to star in Illamasqua’s AW12 campaign?

I couldn’t believe it. I was at University and received the call and I hadn’t a clue as to what the phone call was about as my mum had entered me into the competition. Nevertheless I was jumping for joy – Illamasqua is an amazing brand with equally amazing beliefs.

4. Walking on set, how did it feel to be a model and experience a professional photo-shoot?

Walking on set was a great feeling. The team was amazing, and each and every single one of them made me feel comfortable, sexy and like a model. Knowing that you’re going to be in the next campaign left me speechless so I thought “what the heck” you only get one shot at this, so I made the most of the opportunity which I feel extremely blessed and grateful for.

5. What did you think of your look and is there any piece you can’t wait to wear?

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the transformation was beyond words, and I definitely felt sexy. The purple lips were my favourite part and I cannot wait to purchase the Lipstick in Underworld! Along with the amazingly huge hair and perfect make-up, the styling was just as great, I felt so chic!

6. What was it like having your make-up done by Creative Director Alex Box?

Alex Box is someone who I’ve been inspired by for many, many years. Her work is flawless on so many levels and her creativity is an inspiration to all. I recently saw her at IMATS and having Alex Box working on MY face was the most surreal experience ever, I usually watch her create amazing work on someone else. I couldn’t believe it, I mean it’s THE Alex Box!

7. Are you excited to see your imagery on Illamasqua counters across the world?

I absolutely cannot wait. The whole experience has been a great experience and to see the final images not only in my home town but the world leaves me with an amazing feeling.

8. What are your thoughts on our use of real women for our campaign?

I think it’s brilliant. I think more brands should notice what Illamasqua does and take it on board. Everyone is beautiful; you don’t need to be a stick thin model to model. Beauty isn’t about weight, nor is it about the way you “look”. Beauty is about confidence and using real women shows this.

9. Why do you think that women should be empowered to wear bold, colourful make-up at any age?

There is no rule to say you can’t nor is there a rule to say the older you get the less makeup you should wear. Like I said, make-up is about confidence, and if bright colours, bold statement make-up helps show this then why not? Age doesn’t matter whatsoever, it’s merely a number.

10. What have you taken away with you from the whole experience?

That real people are exactly that, real, and that make-up is a positive part of life which not only helps us express ourselves but helps show a message. But I think I also need to state that I’ve taken away an amazing experience which I can’t thank Illamasqua enough for.

To view more images that were taken backstage click HERE to be redirected.

What did you think of the above look? Would you wear it? I loved it! Alex box is a creative genius who creates nothing but magical imagery!


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