It’s Been Over A Year.. But.. Gina Young Online Is Here

November 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe a whole year and a bit has passed already since my last post. I think it is very safe to say that my new years resolution for 2016 is to get back into blogging again!

Recently, i’ve been a busy-bee so I guess to some extent I do have reasons behind my lack of blogging. I’ve traveled, i’ve changed jobs, i’ve met some influential people along the way and most of all life has been extremely great to me, and for that i’m grateful.

Back to the purpose of this post, a fellow friend, and newly surfaced blogger, Gina Young has just started off her blog and I have to say it’s one of the main reasons i’m back on mine. If your a lover of REAL posts, from a REAL person, and her REAL life, then this is one blog you need to follow. You won’t come across those “I wear these clothes to get views on the blog” or “I write reviews because its the in thing” posts. Instead you get to delve into what her life is like not only as a media student but also someone who loves wide variety of things from fashion to travel to fitness to makeup or sneakers and so so much more. The other great thing is that the blog isn’t intimidating whatsoever, you read it as though its from your perspective and there’s nothing better than reading something that you can relate to!
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As Gina  explains in her own words on her about page, “A young Londoner, Is my chilled space, to document my lifestyle experiences. You can expect anything from travel, style, food reviews, honest opinions and much more.”

Head on over to her page now to see posts on the below. You can be redirected by simply clicking on each image below. Enjoy Lovelies!

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Saturday’s Are Made For Cute Things

March 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today I came across a cute little book, I had no choice but to buy it. Walking past it and pretending that I didn’t see it would have just been a sin. After all, saturdays are made for cute things.

I ended up buying this “beauty notes” book for a super bargain of £2 from NEXT. The book is originally priced at £4, but due to the sale it was reduced. I’m hoping to use this for all of my beauty blog posts and upcoming looks which i’ll be doing on shoots. If that plan does not stick then theres always the option of putting the book on my book shelf to match my bedroom decor.

The book is filed with pink ruled paper with a cute little shoe image on the bottom of each page, which gives the complete feminine touch. Clearly i’m a sucker for all books, so if you like the book as much as I do, head down to your local NEXT store and hunt for one, too!




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